d-clutter + d=stress = d-light!

  • What types of clutter do you have?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by looking at your to do list? 
    Are you wasting precious time looking for a document buried under a mound of paper on your desk?
  • Do you wish you had a filing system?
  • After a long day at work do you feel frustrated with little work space in your kitchen?
  • Is your bed still laden with yesterday’s piled laundry?
  • Are your children’s rooms in a constant mess?



In Your Home

  • Re-organising and repacking of cupboards
  • De-Cluttering your whole house or any room in your house: Bedroom; Bathroom; Kitchen; Lounge, Family Room; Laundry ; Garage
  • Plan and introduce an admin and filing system for your Home Office which works for you and your family



At The Office

  • Tidy and organize your workspace ; store room; staff room



Moving on, Relocating, Downsizing or Selling

  • Providing assistance in decluttering BEFORE moving,relocating, dowsizing, or selling, thus minimizing the stress and cost of moving and dealing with unnessasary accumulated items and habits!




Elderly Relatives

  • Offer our services in a caring manner when they are ready to move or just simply assisting them to sort through unwanted goods,  extra furniture and belongings



Deceased Estates

  • Help you with added compassion to sort and clear during this time of bereavement



Staff Training

  • Train your staff to help you maintain order and organisation



Happy Clients

Candice Hale

Naturalmente S.A.

A truly enlightening experience...from decluttering my home and office to helping me rid bad lifestyle habits...an ultimate decluttering experience!.

Carey Oelofse

Acucap Management Services

Definitely a priceless excercise, I would recommend this service to anyone committed to a new & decluttered lifestyle!

Your decluttering expertise have arrived...

Felicity Oelofse

Decluttering Diva

“Mind and life need to be freed from the "disorder of the unnecessary." Elisabeth Elliot

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